Vagary Services

Strategic Consulting

Vagary will help you define your Key Audience(s) and draft a comprehensive Communication Plan, which includes an appropriate Media Mix.

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Channel Management

Vagary will manage the channels in your Media Mix: Google Ads, Shopping Feeds, Business Listings, Analytics, Email, Facebook Advertising, or otherwise.

Channel Training

Vagary will help you adopt the appropriate media channels for your Media Mix. Want to manage Google or Facebooks Ads yourself? Need to understand tracking templates and custom parameters? Want to generate automated Analytics reports? Vagary is ready to help!

Strategic Communication Elements

Communication Plan

Level Up

Key Audiences


Media Plan


Style Guide


Creative Process


Communication Schedule


Confident About Your Communication Plan?

  • Before you launch a Social Media profile 
  • Before you spend your marketing budget on Facebook, Amazon, or Google Ads
  • Before you build on WIX, GoCentral, or Wordpress
  • Before you create a business logo
  • Before you buy traditional media placements
  • Before you launch without analytics, tracking templates, and custom params
  • Before you post a tweet that kills your business

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