Modern business communication is challenging in our volatile media landscape. Developing and deploying communication strategies across the various teams of a large corporation is difficult. Managing similar efforts with limited personnel and streamlined resources is daunting for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Regardless of the size of your organization, whether it’s a non-profit, small business, or a large corporation, you will need to embrace modern communication platforms and understand how they fit into your comprehensive communication plan. Proactively answering the following five core communication questions will help you deploy campaigns effectively.

1. What is my communication plan?

2. Who are my key audiences?

3. Where do I connect with my audience(s)?

4. How do I interact with my audience(s)? 

5. When do I connect with my audience(s)?

6. Why should I consult with a communication professional?

Vagary is passionate about working with clients to craft long-term strategic communication plans. We offer strategic communication solutions. As communication professionals, our goal is to help you focus on your passion--your business. After understanding your business situation, we will propose an unbiased strategic communication plan for your organization. Vagary can fully manage many communication strategies in-house; in other cases, we will consult with experts in their specific field. We partner with specialists in all areas of communication to provide seamless solutions.

For the SMB market, we offer three different types of communication services:

1. Strategic Consulting

2. Channel Management

3. Platform Training

As Strategic Consultants, we will assume the role of a business advisor to help you craft a comprehensive communication plan based on your business model, your industry, your business objectives, your current communication ecosystem, and more. We can also evaluate your existing communication plan or audit your use of specific media platforms. As consultants, we offer an unbiased, external, set of eyes to review your communication channels as they relate to your overall business and communication goals. Consulting is a hybrid role that allows us to provide strategic input and also drive the adoption of your selected media channels, with self-management being the long-term goal.

As Channel Managers, Vagary can assume the day-to-day management of specific channels that you currently have as part of your overall mix or need to launch from scratch.  Need a pro to manage your Google Ads campaigns? Need to outsource your Analytics integration? Did you recently lose your internal social media manager? Have you got your product feed for your E-commerce site set up? As a channel manager, Vagary can take over the management of the specific channels with which need assistance. 

As Platform Trainers, Vagary will assume the role of an instructor, a one-on-one tutor, for a specific platform of your communication plan. We are fluent in platforms like Google Ads, BingAds, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook Advertising, Marin, LinkedIn Advertising, AdRoll, Perfect Audience, various Analytic tools, WordPress, GoCentral, and others. Because new platforms are continuously being introduced as advertising channels, we can't claim to be experts in all of them; however, we have experience with most of the high-value ones. If you are interested in vetting a new media vehicle, then we can work with you to determine the utility of the platform as it pertains to your business. Vagary will also help you ramp up with it if you choose; it’s in our best interest to be familiar with as many advertising platforms as possible.

Learning to leverage self-service advertising tools can be empowering. Now, consider that many advertising platforms (publishers) or vendors can be integrated with others. Some have tools that allow you to construct tracking URLs that feed data to multiple marketing platforms. Combining your media channels, publishers, with each other is an advanced level of media planning and analytics. Understanding the integration requirements to leverage various media platforms requires knowledge of analytic integration protocols for each platform. These types of integrations are complicated for large corporations. The trick is to know your limit and not bite off more than your organization can chew. One of the goals of any advertising platform should be clean analytic data that you can act on to optimize your efforts. 

Vagary has a passion for the communication process and media. Our goal is to provide your organization with strategic communication solutions that enable it to prosper and grow. True, you could invest resources to focus on the dynamic media landscape, but wouldn’t you prefer to focus on your passion, your actual business?

After your communication plan is created and your communication "ecosystem" is deployed, Vagary will continuously review the data regarding your communication strategies. Measuring your website, retargeting campaigns, your social media pages, your pay-per-click campaigns (or otherwise) is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of your efforts. The strategic growth of your brand with your media assets will be dependent on the correct use of analytics. Don’t fly blind! Analytics is the key to the ongoing optimization of the strategies in your communication plan.

Vagary understands the SMB landscape. We also appreciate the difficulties of navigating the modern media landscape. Your time is valuable. Your bandwidth is narrow. Your team is lean, and each team member wears many hats. We get it. We also know that your business is unique with a particular set of challenges. No single communication plan can be deployed for every business entity. We can help you vet a new advertising platform, or strategize to push the correct mix of communication strategies (a media channel ecosystem) that will help your business grow efficiently.

The digital media revolution that began in the mid-1990s is far from being mature; we are still in its infancy. Each new advance in technology ushers in new media channels, new platforms, new solutions, and new tracking requirements. With all this change, it’s difficult for streamlined SMBs to stay focused on the media landscape and remain concentrated on the actual growth of the business as well. Vagary is passionate about the communication process and media. We are confident that we can help you manage an existing advertising platform or provide you with strategic communication consulting.

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