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Using the five phases of the “Data Driven Organization” outlined on our Analytics page, Vagary generally classifies client analytic needs as either basic or premium. Basic analytic needs are usually related to implementation, education and high-level reporting. More sophisticated analyses of client data reports can only be performed after Vagary has ensured the integrity of the implementation of the analytic solution.

Analytic data can be classified as either off-site or on-site data. Off-site analytics refers to industry data, or benchmark data. Data pertaining to the search volume for specific keywords or the amount of sites dedicated to a specific topic would be considered off-site analytics; these are just two examples.

On-site analytics refer to the data collected pertaining to the performance of a specific site or the marketing initiatives associated with the site. Page Views, Click-thru-rate, Unique Visitors and Average Time on Site are just a few of the high level metrics you might find helpful for basic reporting, but the integrity of the data is fully dependent on the integrity of the implementation of the analytic solution.”Bad Data In, Bad Data Out.”

Free analytic reporting solutions generally have simple implementation requirements, but the reporting is less sophisticated than a premium analytic solution. Vagary believes that 90% or more of businesses can obtain the data they need through a free analytic reporting solution.

Premium analytic solutions require a platform implementation expert, a platform web analtyics professional that is knowledgeable with the platform, and they can cost thousands of dollars a month–this doesn’t include the cost of the personnel noted above. Premium analytic solutions are appropriate for the large enterprise, but large enterprises only make up about 5% of businesses.

We don’t want to lead you to believe that free analytic solutions don’t provide value. They do, and they are getting more sophisticated every day. In fact, free analytic solutions offer very robust reporting outside of the basic reports, but the premium analytic solutions offer implementation and reporting options that are just more mature than the free services. Whether your site is implemented with a basic or premium analytic solution, Vagary can assist you. We have experience in both types of solutions.

Basic analytic reporting “paints a picture” for your site using broad strokes. Understanding the channels that are generating traffic for your site, or under-performing, can help you understand where to focus your attention. Additionally, if you understand the type of content that engages your target audience then you may want to add more of that type of content to your site so that visitors engage your brand for longer periods of time. On the other hand, if you find that traffic to your site, from a specific social network, has a very high bounce rate then you may want to adjust the content to better engage this traffic. These are just a few of the scenarios that analytics will help you understand and test.

Vagary can assist with your analytic implementation, education, basic reporting or premium reporting needs. Vagary is Social Media Solutions.