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From our perspective, advanced analytic engagements require more strategic approaches to data capture and reporting. Basic analytics primarily utilize the default data capture requirements and the default reports for your analytic solution. Advanced analytic solutions capture much more detailed information related to the usage of your site or marketing campaigns. Ultimately, the amount of granular data you have at your disposal in your analytic solution depends on the amount of attention to detail given with the implementation of your solution.

The following are examples of granular data that can be captured with most analytic solutions, but this data is generally not captured through the basic implementation of your solution. Your analytic solution can probably capture this type of granular data but only if more granular types of data capture are implemented on your site. Granular data or advanced reporting examples:

1. The play of a specific video on your site, regardless of where it resides on your site.

2. The click on a specific image on your site, whether it exist in numerous areas of your site or just on a specific page.

3. The use of a specific filter button on your site, on a specific page.

4. The average time visitors engaged with a specific video.

5. The clickstream (page trail) for visitors that engaged the site via a specific marketing campaign.

6. The engagement data for a specific video on your site for people that engaged your site from a specific marketing campaign.

7. The usage of specific navigation, or promotional, links on specific pages of your site.

8. Some complex analytic solutions facilitate the “Retargeting” of previous site visitors for various types of marketing efforts: paid search ads, display ads, email, etc.

The amount of granular data examples here is limitless, but the data at your disposal in your analytic user interface depends completely on the granularity of the data captured through the implementation of your solution, or your familiarity with the more advanced–user generated–reports in your analytic interface.

Advance knowledge of how “captured data” can be viewed in the user interface can lead to more advanced implementation strategies. Clients that are in the process of adopting analytics as a process for optimizing their site generally don’t need advanced implementation strategies; but this situation will change as soon as the client finds value with the basic analytic reports. It won’t be long before the client begins to ask questions that can’t be answered due to the standard implementation of the analytic solution.

With experience in analytics, across several platforms, Vagary can assist with the strategic implementation of your analytic solution or the more advanced reporting needs. Ultimately our ability to create advanced, or granular, reports depends on the implementation of the analytic solution. “Bad Data In. Bad Data Out.”

The best case scenario for both Vagary and our advanced analytics clients is for Vagary to be strategically involved prior to the implementation of your analytic solution. With knowledge of the reporting limits, Vagary will consider your communication objectives and review your site for advanced implementation strategies. These strategies will ultimately lead to more granular data in your analtyic user interface, which can be leveraged to optimize specific areas of your site.

Whether you are looking to implement your analytic solution more strategically, analyze your marketing efforts more closely, optimize specific areas of your site based on data rather than overhauling the site, Vagary can help. Vagary is Social Media Solutions.