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A Fresh Perspective

Not all Vagary clients will request an objective Strategic Analysis of their organization from a communication perspective. We offer it as a service for clients that may want an outside opinion. The Vagary Strategic Analysis reviews the client’s Business Objectives, the competitive landscape for the client, the Communication Objectives, the target audiences for communication efforts and the client’s current media mix, among other things. Vagary approaches each client with “fresh eyes” so that we can offer a tailored Media Plan that makes economic sense for the client.

Partnership Customized For You

Most of our mature clients don’t require a Strategic Analysis, opting instead for our expertise in a specific area, like Search Engine Marketing or Display Advertising. The larger the organization the more need there will be for specialists in specific areas of online communication. Young, or smaller, clients can often be overwhelmed by the amount of digital media options available to them, and they may not have the financial resources to experiment efficiently with various platforms. Vagary possesses the communication acumen and the tactical experience across many high-value platforms to be a strategic partner with organizations of all sizes.

Many of Vagary’s service offerings can be utilized by noncommercial organizations. The following is an example list of the various types of noncommercial clients we can assist with social communication strategies. Our goal is to become a strategic partner with your organization, regardless of the size.

  1. Social Groups
  2. Theatre Troupes
  3. Neighborhood Athletic Teams
  4. Professional Organizations
  5. Music Bands
  6. Athletic Events

Every Vagary client is approached from a professional communicator’s perspective. Commercial clients are evaluated according to the classic “Marketing Four P’s”:

  1. Product,
  2. Place,
  3. Promotion,
  4. Price.
We also evaluate your:

  1. Target audience
  2. Competitive set
  3. Unique selling proposition
  4. Seasonality
  5. Consumer buying cycle
  6. Client’s core values or otherwise.

Noncommercial clients may not require some of these considerations but a tailored evaluation can be performed based on your organization’s objectives. A thorough Strategic Analysis based on your business objectives will lead to your Communication Objectives, and ultimately your Media Plan.

The sequence of on-boarding each client is important for Vagary. We understand that every organization wants short-term and/or long-term growth, but at times the communication strategy in place, or NOT in place, may actually be hindering the reputation of the brand. Vagary analyzes each client, upon request, before beginning tactical work so that the work will be meaningful.

Learning Branding On Our Own Dime

Vagary approaches the communication process as a form of art–words; media vehicles are chosen deliberately, not by chance. We have years of experience in many high-value communication platforms and deliberately experiment with new digital media vehicles on our own time to see if they might be appropriate for our clients in the future. We assist each client in their adoption, or management, of digital media vehicles that are appropriate for their organization. Ultimately, we are in the same position your organization is in: We are building our brand online. Once again, our work has to be meaningful.

Strategic Analysis  –> Media Plan  –> Your Social Media Solution

The findings from the Vagary Strategic Analysis will eventually lead to a proposed Media Plan that is appropriate for your position in your competitive landscape and your available resources. We will take your offline media, promotions or events into consideration and evaluate any profiles and connections that you may already have in place with your Social Media. The Media Plan we suggest may confirm your existing tactics or suggest new options for you to adopt. Ultimately, we want to become a strategic partner with your organization for the long haul. We plan to do this by winning your trust. Vagary is your Social Media Solution.