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Vagary is Social Media Solutions. Our goal is to become a strategic partner with each client, no matter the size. Our approach is unique in that we can manage specific efforts, consult on specific efforts, or train you how to utilize specific platforms. Large clients may only need assistance with their Search Engine Marketing. Smaller clients may need assistance with an entire Media Plan, with a focus on Social Media. Vagary’s specialty is online communication. We help clients engage with their target audience by leveraging high-value communication platforms. We are experts with WordPress, Web Analytics,  Social Media, Search Marketing and Display Advertising platforms. Let Vagary connect with your target audience so you can focus on running your organization.

Twenty years ago most organizations controlled the media discussion related to their brand, product, service or otherwise. Large organizations employed Public Relations and Advertising teams. Smaller mom-and-pop shops found it difficult to even place ads in newspapers or magazines, much less television. Today’s online media platforms can empower even the smallest entity. They can also destroy a company’s reputation very quickly. In many ways, professional communication needs to be a primary consideration for the modern business model, regardless of the size of the business. Employees will come and go; only some will possess professional communication skills. Vagary’s goal is to become your strategic partner and help you build your brand or reputation over time.

Not only is each Vagary expert experienced in online marketing, each is educated in traditional communication strategy. We are intimately familiar with classic concepts like Awareness, Promotion, Branding, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Validation or otherwise. We realize that our new digital landscape has fundamentally changed your organization, placing much more importance on the adoption of new media. Our strategic goal is to empower your organization in the midst of this digital revolution.Some clients may only need to outsource a specific service from Vagary, like Search Engine Marketing or Advanced Web Analytic analysis. This is completely fine with us. Smaller clients may need a broader mix of media tactics or a Media Plan that incorporates Social Media and Local Search. This is perfectly fine with Vagary as well. We are confident not only in our ability to tactically manage each platform but also in our communication acumen.

For clients that request a more strategic engagement with Vagary, we will invest the time up front to help the client objectively analyze their organization. The findings from the Strategic Analysis will be weighed with the organization’s Business Objectives so that Communication Objectives can be developed. Ultimately, a tailored Media Plan will be created that identifies specific media options that will be adopted to achieve the Communication Objectives.

Today the most popular media platforms are available to marketers with the smallest of budgets; but, each marketer must invest the time to understand how to best utilize each platform, or outsource. Ultimately every organization will have their own digital Media Plan for their Communication Objectives. The value in partnering with Vagary is our passion for new media. We embrace the opportunities presented by new digital services. Keeping traditional Communication Objectives in mind, we investigate the viability of new digital platforms and sites so that we can offer tailored solutions for each client.

In many ways Business Objectives are very similar today as they were 50 years ago, but the communication piece has changed dramatically. Just twenty years ago the communication strategy was pretty much an afterthought with most organizations. Not today. Communication professionals still consider demographics, geographic markets, psycho-graphics, seasonality, buying cycles or otherwise; but, today’s marketing “media mix” must consider organizational Web properties, Social Media, Search Engines, Display Advertising, and Web Analytics…to name a few.In today’s interactive, decentralized, and highly collaborative media landscape one thing is for certain: the organizational “voice” is no longer in control of the communication message. The product, service, brand or otherwise will be discussed, positively or negatively, with or without the input of the organization.

Vagary is ready to become your strategic digital partner. We offer hands-on training, consultation, and management services for most of the popular sites and platforms with low barriers to entry. Our own media mix was intentionally created with low-cost solutions to serve as an example of the possibilities available to you. The real investment for your business is time, getting to know all the functionality of each site and platform at your disposal. Vagary is Social Media Solutions.