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Video Sharing Networks, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe or otherwise, are not all the same. Each network is unique in terms of functionality, intended target audience, privacy groups, Search Engine “crawlability,” etc. While YouTube tends to be the instinctive choice for the creation of an organizational video channel, it shouldn’t be. Some Video Sharing Network platforms are better than others for specific types of audiences. Ultimately, the organizational decision to integrate a video channel, as part of a digital media mix, should only be made with the acknowledgment that the channel requires monitoring and social networking skills.

To begin with, Video Sharing Network platforms are currently very different from Live Streaming Media. As a social media option, Video Sharing Network platforms generally allow users to upload pre-recorded self-made video productions to a profile. Users can then share their videos to subscribers and friends or by embedding URLs, posting links or otherwise. Yes, generic Social Networking platforms allow you to do this as well, but there are other benefits to having a Video Sharing account which we’ll discuss later. Like all social media, the real value of the content is determined by the intended target audience, not the producer. For this reason, organizational videos should be user-centric rather than social “commercials.”

Organizational video channel managers need to consider that every aspect of the channel, from the profile page to the relationships to the actual videos, are a reflection of the brand. Stylistic, or branding, considerations need to be taken into account with every aspect of managing social media. Ultimately the creation of the actual Video Sharing Network profile is the easy first step.

The creation of videos that reflect the brand favorably is an entirely different aspect of managing the channel. Imagine a premiere ballet school publishing shaky hand-held videos with inaudible sound to their YouTube channel. Strategically, this would be a good idea, but tactically the execution wouldn’t reflect favorably on the brand. This doesn’t mean that every video for your organization needs to be of “premiere” quality, but if you are positioning as a premium brand then the quality, the attention to detail, should reflect this fact.

Another tactic for managing your video channel is “pointing” to content, not created by your organization, that your target audience will find valuable. In essence, your video profile channel needs to be a filter, or steward, for all the video content on your Video Sharing Network that is of value to your target audience. There is nothing wrong with “publicizing” content on a Video Sharing Network that wasn’t created by your organization. This is part of building strategic relationships on the platform.

Tactically, building a high-value video channel for your target audience can be very time-consuming. Vagary knows this from experience. Premium videos can require  extensive planning and coordination just to shoot the video. Considerations for multiple camera angles, lighting, sound or otherwise are taken into account. Then, there are the post-production tasks such as video and sound editing. Ultimately, the quality of the video should be on par with the positioning of the brand.

Needless to say, premium brand videos will require much more time to produce. We should note that we can assist with the planning, filming, editing, publishing or otherwise for many types of “self-produced” videos. We should make the distinction here between videography and cinematography in order to set expectations appropriately. Professional film creation, on par with cinematic productions, generally utilizes traditional film and audio capture methods. On the other hand, videography utilizes digital capture methods. With today’s technology the distinction between the two types of production will go unnoticed for the average eye. Just know that high-end cinematography is usually only an option for organizations with substantial resources. Vagary can assist with all types of videography needs.

One of the collateral benefits of creating a high-value video channel for your target audience is Search Engine visibility. Search Engines crawl Video Sharing Platforms very regularly. Integrated correctly into your digital media mix, a strong video channel will rank well with the tier-one Search Engines. While your video channel will only indirectly affect your Web site Search Engine Optimization, it will most likely rank well for your branded terms after it has gained traction with the Search Engines, which is essentially a proactive Public Relations strategy.

Part of publishing organizational videos is identifying whether to share your creations. Yes, you want to increase your awareness and build your brand, but do you want to give others the ability to “re-post” your creations on their Web sites, blog sites, or otherwise? Do you want other profiles to “favorite” your videos so that they play on their video channel? Privacy, copyright, sharing and allowing comments are part of managing your video channel on a Video Sharing Network. Consider that your decision to create a video channel is part of a much larger strategy of joining a Video Sharing Network, with the key word being “sharing.”

Now consider that some Video Sharing Networks were created for specific types of audiences. Some of them were created for specific geographic audiences as well. Some are censored in specific geographic areas by the regulating or governmental agencies for those areas. Your target audience plays a key factor in your selection of a Video Sharing Network.

At the end of the day, your decision to create a video channel, or profile, on a Video Sharing Network comes with a tremendous amount of ongoing responsibility. In essence, the video channel will become an extension of your public relations activities. Your video quality will be directly proportionate to production time. From experience, Vagary knows that the creation of a high-value video channel will go a long way in building brand awareness or positioning your brand. Vagary is ready to help you get started or help you manage your existing channel. Vagary is Social Media Solutions.