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In the blink of an eye Status Update Networks like Twitter have dramatically accelerated the pace of business and business relations. Most social network platforms allow users to update their status; however the appeal of the Status Update Network is the simplicity of the platform. In just a few short minutes anyone can create an account and “tweet.” The difficulty is building relationships through the continuous use of the platform, leveraging it for real-time Public Relations, Brand Building, Advertising, Reputation Management or otherwise.

When Twitter, the most adopted Status Update Network, was first launched, many users failed to grasp the utility of the platform. Some still do. When performed correctly, no other online channel allows the user to build their brand as quickly and effectively as the Status Update Network. Part of the beauty of the platform is the LACKĀ of functionality to build out robust personal profiles. Given only 140 characters for each status update, users literally can’t post videos, blog posts, photos or otherwise. This allows users to keep aspects of their personal and professional lives private while still allowing them to build relationships with key stakeholders in their business or industry.

A Status Update business profile should not be managed by an individual that does not understand professional communication strategies and tactics. There are two basic objectives with the Status Update business profile: 1.) identify and follow industry leaders 2.) cultivate a high-value following audience. The bottom line is your business profile will not cultivate a high-value audience if your “tweets” are not highly relevant for your industry. In essence, your organization needs to be a thought leader for your industry. Realistically, your organization will not be up to speed with every industry trend, fad, regulation, opportunity or otherwise. This is where “following” the right “people” on the Status Update Network can pay huge dividends in terms of building relationships and information gathering.

Industry leaders don’t post status updates, or “tweet,” about needless topics. If they did, they wouldn’t be industry leaders. Industry leaders write books, maintain high-value blogs and manage video channels pertaining to their industry. They are up-to-date with the latest industry gadgetry, regulations, mergers, trends or otherwise. While industry leaders may not be able to post all their thoughts in a 140 character status update, they can post a headline that points to a high-value industry blog post, article, video, event, other “tweet” or otherwise.

Part of building a successful brand is to position it as an industry leader, but this will never happen overnight. Your organization will need to build trust with your audience by continuously offering, or pointing to, high-value industry information. Managed in tandem with other Social Media efforts, your Status Update business profile can go a long way in receiving and disseminating high-value industry information.

Your Status Update business profile may also be used to promote new products, services, locations, events or otherwise, but you should do so only sparingly. Obtaining the trust of your “followers” is always going to be easier than keeping the trust of your “followers.” Your organization never wants to be in a situation where your Twitter business profile begins to destroy your brand’s credibility. This will happen if your followers see your Status Update profile as simply your vehicle for launching specials and promotions. This is why Vagary suggests utilizing a professional communicator to manage your organization’s Status Update Network profile. Again, the beauty of this type of platform is its simplicity, but nonprofessional communicators can very easily erode a brand’s credibility and the trust of their audience.

Another reason to create a Status Update Network business profile is the effect a good profile can have with Search Engines. To be sure, Search Engines give premium visibility for high-value brands, sites and “profiles” within an industry. Having a robust Status Update Network profile may very well be part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Still another reason to maintain a Status Update Network profile today is the permanence of the service. Consider that various Social Media platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Linkin, Orkut or otherwise, will rise and fall in popularity over time. The beauty of Twitter is that most Social Media platforms allow you to import your Twitter account into those accounts profiles. So, as Social Media platforms come and go in popularity you can simply plug or unplug your Twitter profile into other Social Media platforms at your discretion.

Vagary understands your need for professional brand building, public relations and online reputation management skills. Vagary also sees the value of the Status Update Network as a major piece of your digital online marketing mix. No other channel will allow you to proactively manage your brand in a positive manner. Vagary can manage, or consult on, your Status Update Network profile. Vagary is Social Media Solutions.