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An aspect about Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and most other Social Media platforms that wasn’t immediately identified was their ability to change the speed of business forever. If you don’t use Social Media for your business then this will be a case of “not knowing what you don’t know.” The simple fact is they have all increased the pace of business and marketing communication. Now consider the fact that most existing Social Media platforms don’t currently stream in real time. Enter Live Streaming Media like JustinTV, USTREAM, Livestream, Skype, Messenger, iChat, and now Facebook and Google+.

Businesses and other types of organizations, that utilize Social Media to build strategic relationships, know the value of these platforms. Essentially, Social Media has increased the pace of all types of organizational communication, from advertising to public relations to reputation management. They allow brands and other types of organizations to form close relationships with their target audience, employees and other types of stakeholders. But up until very recently Social Media was utilized to communicate about events that had already occurred.

Now Live Streaming platforms allow organizations to stream live events. The events can be live discussions, concerts, product release announcements, athletic events, public relations disclosures or otherwise. Basically, organizations can now live broadcast anything they feel might be relevant for their target audience.

While Live Streaming Media platforms may seem appealing on the surface, consider all the things that can go wrong with a live broadcast. The decision to broadcast a live event needs to take into account all the technical elements of traditional videography, like audio, lighting, staging, camera angles, picture quality or otherwise. Ultimately, whatever is captured and broadcast live will be available forever on the Internet. This shouldn’t scare your organization away from streaming live events, it just means your organization needs to invest time up front to prepare for snafus that might arise at the last minute, or even in real time.

Live Streaming Media platforms are similar to other types of Social Media platforms in that your organization can identify and “follow” industry leaders, aggregate “friends” into affinity groups or otherwise. Like all Social Media, they can be educational tools for your organization as well as communication channels for your intended audiences. All of the nuances of building Social Media relationships apply. Ultimately the community will only find your organization of value if it is also a contributor of content, not just a consumer of content.

As with all Social Media, the value of the account is through the ongoing building of relationships. Utilizing the account simply for self-promotional, one-way communication, activity is generally frowned upon, thus the term “social” media.

Ultimately the value of Live Streaming Media has yet to be determined. Because this type of Social Media platform is so new it has yet to be explored to its fullest extent. It is a situation where your organization and Vagary (admittedly) are limited only by our own creative use of the platform. Our cranial cogs are turning out creative uses for Live Streaming Media. Vagary is poised to embrace the potential of this fantastic new communication channel.

Vagary posts this Polaroid product release clip as an example of creative marketing communication through the use of a Live Streaming Media platform. The clip was originally streamed live on Jan 06, 2011. Now imagine the word-of-mouth and Twitter activity after the live broadcast. Vagary is Social Media Solutions.