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Search Engine Optimization tactics should occur simultaneously as your Web site is being designed and developed. Often is the case that considerations for Search Engine Optimization come only after a Web site has already been launched. Whether you are currently designing a Web site or have an existing Web site, Vagary can help you optimize your Web site for Search Engine visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics are very different from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tactics or even Local Search tactics. SEO is the process of improving the natural or “organic” visibility of a Web site in Search Engines. With SEO, search engine visibility does not come with an immediate cost. In contrast, SEM tactics require payment for impressions or clicks, thus the visibility of your site on Search Engines comes with an immediate direct cost.

It is true that every Web site should employ at least a few SEO best practices, but in some cases–usually smaller entities with smaller marketing budgets–robust SEO practices should probably be reconsidered for other types of marketing efforts like Social Media, Local Search or even Display Advertising. In an ideal world, your organization will have a healthy mix of many different types of marketing efforts, but realistically some channels will need to be cut in favor of others. Vagary works with every client to understand both the immediate and long-term business communication goals. SEO may very well be a channel to pursue for your organization, but this really depends on your need.

The truth here is that Search Engine Optimization tactics don’t take immediate affect with search engines. In essence, the cost of the labor is incurred as the work is performed but there is not an immediate tangible result. SEO should be thought of as a long-term strategy, much like building a brand over time. Many marketers often find comfort in driving immediate traffic by way of SEM, Display Advertising or otherwise, but these types of search engine visibility only last as long as the budget. A mature SEO strategy with favorable search rankings will have a very lasting affect in terms of Search Engine visibility, but it will only come about after many months of SEO tactics, if not more.

There are numerous tactics that can be employed for SEO strategy, but the number one tactic is the building of content. Without content, a Web site simply cannot compete for high-value keywords. Identifying high-value industry keywords for your content is based on keyword research and will always be one of the first steps in your SEO strategy. At times, it may be best to optimize your site for less popular keywords, but keywords that are relevant none-the-less. If your brand name is unique then visibility for your branded terms may be rather simple to achieve, however your high-value industry keywords will always be competitive.

Aside from optimizing your Web site for specific keywords, through content, meta tags or otherwise, there are many other tactics that can be employed for SEO. Developing Social Media profiles can go a long way in driving your target audience to your site, thus increasing the popularity of it, but these tactics should not be entered into lightly. Social Media offers the opportunity for real-time marketing and constant public relations but abuse of social media may actually drive your highest-valued audience away.

In terms of the Web site, Search Engines pay close attention to sites with a steady stream of fresh content. Sites that continually add new content need to be “re-crawled” by Search Engine spiders. For this reason, SEO friendly platforms like WordPress can go a long way in assisting with your overall SEO strategy. In fact, for smaller organizations, Vagary specifically recommends the WordPress platform. Most of our clients are amazed at the low-cost of generating a WordPress site.

Ultimately, your Web site’s visibility on Search Engines will be directly related to the amount of content you have for your site and other web properties, like Social Media profiles. Valuable content inspires your target audience to link to it or comment on it, which will assist with your SEO link building efforts. Think of your Web site as the hub of a wheel, where all your Social Media activity drives traffic to your site on the spokes of the wheel. At the end of the day Search Engines want to see that your Web site, or your brand, is part of the “conversation” about your industry. The more you contribute to the “conversation” the more your site will get recognized. There are many tactics that Vagary can utilize for your site in the name of Search Engine Optimization. Vagary is Social Media Solutions.